NH Based Programs

As WICX grows, we'll be adding more local programming about being Catholic in Hew Hampshire.         Enjoy our current programs found below.

WICX Presents                                   THE QUIET WATERS DEVOTIONAL HOUR OF MUSIC

The Quiet Waters Holy Hour comes to WICX.
We are thrilled to announce that after a year of phone tag, e-mails and coordination, your WICX Catholic Radio Team is (FINALLY!) ready to present an uninterrupted hour of Devotional Music on WICX every Friday from 3 to 4 PM.

The music is provided by Quiet Waters Productions and is available for purchase from their website. They also have a YouTube Channel.

Recently, a production facility had a policy of allowing the employees to choose a radio program to listen to during work - assuring everyone a chance to hear their selection. One employee asked to play the local Catholic Radio's Devotional Hour. Turns out - it was a huge hit with everyone, catholic and not!    The soothing music and prayerful repetition brought everyone to great focus and peace.

The employee received many compliments from all creeds.

We want to invite each of you to find a quiet place & comfy chair and enjoy the Holy Hour on WICX 102.7FM Catholic Radio.     Once it begins, we promise you will be captivated.

What better way to wind down a busy week than praising God with music and prayer?  Enjoy!