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New Board of Directors

The newly elected Board of Directors:

  • President / Board Member: Ed Mullen
  • Vice-President / Board Member: Joseph McGonagle
  • Board Member: Fr. Ray
  • Treasurer: Loyd Kintz

Remote Broadcast

Christmas in the Cathedral, the Diocesan Christmas Concert, was broadcast live on Friday, December 16, 2016. Bob Jursik and Jean Ver Hoeven hosted the performance plus interviews with Bishop Peter Libasci, Music Director Eric Bermani and fellow WICX Host Ben Pellerin. The music was heavenly and the audience fell in love. We continued to rebroadcast the event throughout the Christmas Season.

Four Locations: One Broadcast

WICX was proud to cover live the March For Life

sponsored by the NH Right to Life. The Team started

the morning at St John the Evangelist Church of

Christ the King Parish in Concord. Fr Rich Roberge

celebrated a beautiful Mass. Then it was off to the

State House for the Rally. There were interviews and

coverage of the program and interaction with the Anchors     in the Studio. It was estimated there were about 400    people, a large percentage who were under 25. Single    people, Church Groups, Schools and Families all were      there to do their part to stop Abortion. The WICX Team       then packed up again and returned to the Parish to have       an exclusive interview with Keynote Speaker Jennifer Lahl. After, her speech was carried live to all our Listeners.

Next Stop: Londonderry

Dr. Sarah Bascle, of Catholic Medical Center's Women's Wellness & Fertility Center of New England, shared the news of her new NaPro Practice. This philosophy treats women in all areas of OB/GYN and the couple in areas of fertility. This system falls completely within the Church Teachings while being selective about prescriptions and procedures. Dr. Bascle is a New England Native returning home from Arizona to open this specialized office, one of only a few on the East Coast.

Right to Life Seminar, Manchester, April 2017

We had a table at the Right to Life Seminar hosted by the Knights of Columbus at St Joseph's Cathedral. We were able to make contacts and gain new Listeners. We showed slideshows of WICX and our coverage of the Concord March for Life. The Speakers were great including our own Bob Jursik and the Keynote give by Ovid Lamontagne. An informative and moving day were shared by all.

Thanks to Fr Rich &           Christ the King Parish            for letting us spread the word about WICX at this year's Parish Picnic!